A Run-Through of What Court Resurfacing Entails

The professionals that specialise in the job of resurfacing old, degrading courts are known as court construction/resurfacing contractors, and they work for companies like Premier Sports & Leisure. The resurfacing is usually performed to give the degrading court a new lease of life and also improve its appearance.  Court resurfacing involves two main phases: first, there's the repair phase; and second, there's the restoration/surfacing phase. If you have a court structure that needs resurfacing, you might want to know what usually takes place during these two phases. [Read More]

5 Reasons to Pick a Fishing Kayak Instead of a Motorboat

If you like to fish, you're probably eager to get your hands on a motorboat so you can reach more areas, stay out longer, and go fishing whenever you choose. However, you might not have considered picking up a fishing kayak instead. Here are just five reasons why you should. 1. Reduced Noise Kayaks will still cause the water to break, and they aren't completely quiet. However, they are considerably less noisy and produce far smaller waves than motorboats. [Read More]

Tips On Securing Your Caravan Awning During Stormy Weather

Unfortunately, the weather is notoriously unpredictable, even during the summer, and this can spell trouble for your caravan awning and for your caravan itself.  Here are some top tips on how to keep your awning and van safe during stormy weather. En route Unless it is absolutely necessary, don't travel with your van in very windy weather.  A caravan can quickly become unstable in high winds, especially on exposed roads. [Read More]

Tips For Top-Shots

Hiring a fishing charter boat with a few mates is an exciting way of spending a day out at sea in pursuit of big game fish and fun.  If you use 80-wide reels, you'll know that this can be expensive.  However, by using a top-shot you can spool five complete reels in one mega-spool.  Here's how to make a top-shot.   What you'll need waxed rigging thread wax snips a pipe needle of the right size for the mono you're going to use How to do it [Read More]