Tips On Securing Your Caravan Awning During Stormy Weather

Unfortunately, the weather is notoriously unpredictable, even during the summer, and this can spell trouble for your caravan awning and for your caravan itself.  Here are some top tips on how to keep your awning and van safe during stormy weather.

En route

Unless it is absolutely necessary, don't travel with your van in very windy weather.  A caravan can quickly become unstable in high winds, especially on exposed roads.

Before you set off, check that your van and your awning are both covered by your insurance policy for storm damage.  Many people forget to do this and end up facing a hefty replacement bill if they get caught out.

Setting up camp

When you arrive at the camp site, try to find a pitch that is in a sheltered spot, well away from trees that could cause damage to your awning or your van in the event that the weather turns stormy. 

It's a good idea to fix your caravan to the ground with storm straps secured with heavy-duty, screw-down ground pegs.  Put some foam padding between the straps and the caravan to prevent damage from friction if the weather turns windy.

Before you unpack and build your awning, check the weather forecast.  You can avoid damage simply by keeping it under wraps when high winds are forecast.

The right equipment

Always use large, good-quality awning pegs to secure your awning.  Use all the pegging points, and make sure that you hammer the pegs securely into the ground at an angle of about 45 degrees for maximum stability and resistance to wind-induced strain.

It's really important that the storm straps for your awning are a good fit so that you can fasten them as tightly as possible.  It can help to stop the straps flapping and vibrating in high winds if you put a twist in them before you tie them off.

Make sure that you pitch your awning poles as firmly as possible.  You can stop the storm straps from slipping or flapping on the poles by wrapping foam pipe insulation around the poles and securing it with waterproof electrical tape.

In conclusion

You can avoid expensive storm damage to your caravan and your awning by following the tips given above.  Everything that you will need to secure and protect your van and awning from storm damage can be found at a good caravan and awning accessories and spares supplier.