5 Reasons to Pick a Fishing Kayak Instead of a Motorboat

If you like to fish, you're probably eager to get your hands on a motorboat so you can reach more areas, stay out longer, and go fishing whenever you choose. However, you might not have considered picking up a fishing kayak instead. Here are just five reasons why you should. 1. Reduced Noise Kayaks will still cause the water to break, and they aren't completely quiet. However, they are considerably less noisy and produce far smaller waves than motorboats. [Read More]

Ways to Upgrade Vintage Caravan Trailers for Glamping

Glamping, or glamorous camping, is something that is catching on with campers around the world. One of the biggest questions from people who use caravan trailers as part of their camping rituals is regarding the ability to go glamping with a vintage caravan. The truth is, with the right upgrades, you can turn that old vintage caravan into a glamping caravan fit for a king and queen. Here are a few ways to upgrade your vintage caravan for this kind of glamping endeavor. [Read More]