Ways to Upgrade Vintage Caravan Trailers for Glamping

Glamping, or glamorous camping, is something that is catching on with campers around the world. One of the biggest questions from people who use caravan trailers as part of their camping rituals is regarding the ability to go glamping with a vintage caravan. The truth is, with the right upgrades, you can turn that old vintage caravan into a glamping caravan fit for a king and queen. Here are a few ways to upgrade your vintage caravan for this kind of glamping endeavor.

Extended Room Additions

Teardrop and smaller vintage caravan trailers aren't known for having a ton of room. In fact, most of them are for sleeping and that's about it. The truth is, you can find extended room additions for your vintage caravans that can be attached to an open door of the caravan and create entire new sleeping or lounging areas. You can even find some that have mesh tops so you can lie out and look at the stars without getting eaten alive by outdoor bugs and pests. These extended room additions are available in a variety of sizes and designs and most can easily be folded to store during travel or when not in use.

Retractable Awning

A part of glamping is enjoying the ability to sit outdoors and hang out with friends and family by the fire. The problem with this is when you need some kind of cover from the elements so you are enjoying the outdoors in style. Retractable awnings give you this ability. You can have them attached to the caravan and placed so they can roll or fold when not in use. These retractable awnings can be secured to the side of the caravan so they are safe for travel. These awnings can be a great focal point for glamping when you add an outdoor mat, some chairs, and a grill for a full outdoor living experience on the go.

Solar Power Options

In most cases, you will need to find a caravan site that has electric hookups to run your caravan and a lot of the items in the caravan. Instead of doing this, you could switch to solar power options. This would allow you to still have electricity to the caravan to operate different appliances in the caravan trailer without having to find a powered caravan site. This increases the number of places you can visit, experience, and bring your glamping experience to.

These are just three of the upgrades you can choose for glamping in your caravan trailer.  There are many other ways depending on the type of glamping lifestyle you want to live. If you are ready to explore the ideas, consider visiting a caravan store or even attending a caravan meet-up for ideas.