Is an Acrylic Canopy Right for Your Trailer?

Many trailer canopy fabrics exist on the market. It may therefore be hard for a first-time trailer owner to decide which type of fabric would be suitable for his or her needs. This article discusses one of the common canopy fabrics (acrylic) that you can buy. Use this information to help you as you compare different canopy fabrics so that you can choose the best.

What They Are

An acrylic canopy refers to a canopy that has been made from woven cloth. Such a canopy easily allows air to circulate within it. This attribute may distinguish it from other canopy fabrics that do not allow air to circulate within them.

Advantages of Acrylic Canopies

The circulation of air within the acrylic trailer canopy ensures that the temperature within the canopy will be relatively even. This is good if you are transporting items that need to be protected from excessive heat.

The acrylic trailer canopy is also likely to retain its attractive appearance throughout its service life. This is because the colours of that canopy are woven into its fabric. This is unlike other types of fabrics, such as vinyl, onto which the colours are painted. Such fabrics can easily fade.

Another benefit of acrylic trailer canopies is that they take a short time to dry. This is especially good for those who want to roll and store the canopy soon after returning home. It is even possible to roll this canopy when it is still wet so that you can dry it later on.

The Drawbacks

One of the challenges that you may face is the cost of the acrylic trailer canopy. The canopy tends to be more expensive than other types of trailer canopies due to the costly weaving process. This high cost may deter those who are operating on a limited budget.

Additionally, one has to be cautious when using this canopy when it is raining. This is because rain can easily seep through the canopy in case an object that you stored underneath the canopy is touching the surface of that canopy. Capillary action will cause the water to move across the membrane of the canopy until it starts dripping underneath. Always remember that the canopy isn't water resistant even if it is watertight.

Being an astute shopper starts with being armed with complete information about the products that you would like to buy. Use the information above to help you to make the right decision regarding the suitability of an acrylic canopy for your trailer. Consult canopy suppliers for more information in case you still have concerns that need to be addressed before you make a final decision.